Ljajić: “We will not revoke licenses for travel agencies”

The Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications will not revoke licenses for travel agencies and Minister Rasim Ljajić expects a solution to the current difficult situation to be found in the next seven to ten days.

The Minister stated that the representatives of the Ministry held a meeting with the Association of Serbian Banks to discuss the issuance of bank guarantees for travel agencies as a prerequisite for them renewing their licences.

“The Association of Banks will present a proposal on the procedure for the operational functioning and the possible activation of bank guarantees by the end of this week, considering that this model of guarantees for travel agencies has never been used in practice, although it is required by the Law on Tourism, ”said Ljajic, adding that the procedure will be included in the new Travel Guarantee Regulations.

At the same time, representatives of the Ministry will act as intermediaries between insurance companies and travel agencies, in order to resolve the ongoing dispute and thus use the mechanism to provide travel guarantees.

“It is quite unusual for insurance companies to inform travel agencies three days before the expiration of their current licenses that they will not provide that type of service to them this year, justifying it with the high degree of risk,” Ljajic said.

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As he pointed out, the point is that insurance companies carry out the risk assessment for each individual agency and do business with those agencies they deem stable and solvent.

Ljajic reiterated that the Ministry will not revoke the licenses of travel agencies, because the Ministry expects the problem to be solved in the next seven to ten days. He added that the summer tourist season has already ended and that no new tourist arrangements are foreseen for now.

(021.rs, 30.09.2020)



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