Ljajic: We are going to insist on abolition of roaming charges

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic has confirmed that the regional countries, that are EU candidates, would request the official Brussels to abolish roaming charges.

“We are going to continue searching for a legal foundation that we can use so that the EU directive about abolishing roaming charges would apply to us too”, he said in an interview for the Beta news agency.

Ljajic also said that it would not be easy to accomplish that, and that he was not overly optimistic. However, he added, Bulgarian presidency of the EU could help the matter.

“We have assurances from Bulgaria that they will be working on this issue and insist on the same thing that we are insisting on. There is a small chance of having some kind of result”, Ljajic underlined.

Serbia has signed a roaming agreement with three regional countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia – which sets the roaming charges for a mobile phone call at 19 euro cents.

“There is no such thing as roaming charges in the EU since the prices of domestic calls and same as the prices of the calls made in roaming, and they amount to 3.2 euro cents for a minute of an outgoing call. This shows that we pay six times higher roaming charges than the EU countries”, Ljajic said.

The telecommunications ministers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia have asked the European Commission to change the EU directive relating to roaming charges to include the four aforementioned countries. The European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel will announce a plan to get rid of mobile fees between the EU and Western Balkan countries at a May 2018 summit in Bulgaria. 

(Insajder, 07.01.2018)


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