Ljajic: Turkish textile company to set up production in Mali Zvornik

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic stated today that another Turkish textile factory would be opened in the next few months in Mali Zvornik, Macva district, and that negotiations with two more Turkish companies were ongoing.

Minister Ljajic, who opened the Balkan Textile 2019 fair in Belgrade, said that there were 29 Turkish-owned textile factories in Serbia and that 10 had opened in the last five years, only three of which had used state subsidies.

He said that he hoped that some of the exhibitors at the fair, which closes on March 2, would decide to invest in Serbia.

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Ljajic also added that the textile industry was on a road to recovery, with around 50,000 people currently employed in it.

“This is far from the standards of the former Yugoslavia, when there were 250,000 employees in this sector, and when the exports of textile goods amounted to USD 5 billion, but we are on a road to recovery”, Ljajic said.

He also disclosed that the textile exports in 2018 amounted to EUR 812 million.

“In any case, this fair will be an incentive for the further development of the textile sector”, the minister said.


Ljajic cited the example of Romania which, thanks, in large part, to Turkish investments, exported textile products to the value of EUR 5 billion, and Bulgaria to the value of EUR 2.7 billion.

Turkish Ambassador to Serbia, Tanju Bilgic said that the textile fair was important for the trade relations between Serbia and Turkey.

He also announced that a Turkish textile company would open production facilities in Kraljevo during the official visit of Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Serbia which is expected to take place in May.

This factory will employ 2,500 people, added the ambassador.


(Blic, 28.02.2019)



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