Ljajic: Telekom Serbia will not be sold yet

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic stated that the state was not considering selling Telekom Serbia at the moment.

– At this moment, the sale of Telekom is not on the agenda and I would not like to speculate. What I can say is that our telecommunications market is rather stable, although telecommunications markets are globally in crisis and are looking for new formats of survival – Ljajic said for the weekly issue of Blic.

He said that there were good reasons for selling Telekom in 2015, but the company was not put on the market despite that. Ljajic adds the public view at the time was that “a golden goose” was being sold and that the state needed to run the company, which is why “nobody wanted to take that kind of risk upon themselves”.

Ljajic also pointed out that the global telecommunications market was consolidating and that only the biggest players would be able to survive.

– In order to survive in the global market, we will need big investments. It remains to be seen whether Telekom can take that kind of competition on. In any case, the state would need to invest a lot if it wants Telekom to survive – Ljajic says. 

(N1, eKapija, 18.02.2018)




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