Ljajic: Quotas as a result of conflict between steel powers

Serbia and other countries of the region, which will have to obey the EU’s protective measures regarding steel imports as of February 4th, are the victims of the clash between China, on one side and the USA and the EU, on the other, but the good thing is that our country has an option of revision – says Serbian Minister of Trade, Rasim Ljajic.

“We are the collateral damage in the battle between steel powers”, Ljajic told Tanjug.

“We have tried to secure a better position for Serbia as we are in the process of joining the EU. We have tried to do this together with other countries in the region”, the minister added.

He says that Serbia has an added option in the form of the revision clause. In other words, a subsequent intervention is possible, in theory.

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Ljajic explains that revision can be done after we see the results of the newest steel measures in Serbia, i.e. in the first and the second quarters of the current year. “There is nothing else to do but wait”, he adds.

In his response to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s letter regarding the latest import measures, President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said that the revision clause unequivocally “envisages the possibility of the correction of protective measures if they lead to harmful effects, such as jeopardizing the stability or the development of the economies of priority trade partners”.

Serbia has been promised that the new protective measures will not jeopardize its economic stability and development, as confirmed in technical talks in Brussels.

The measures pertain to all countries outside the EU, expect to certain developing countries and the countries that are members of the European Economic Area.

(RTS, 28.01.2019)



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