Ljajic: “New summer holiday arrangements to be covered by an insurance policy”

The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic, said that the new amendment to the relevant law, which will regulate the issue of summer holiday arrangements that had already been paid for, stipulates that people who have paid for a summer holiday can enter into new contracts with travel agencies which will be covered by insurance companies.

He said that the aim of the regulation is to protect the approximately 500,000 people in Serbia who have already paid for their summer holiday.

The decree states that citizens who have already paid for their summer holiday are entitled to a voucher that they can redeem by 31 December 2021, for the same or another destination and which value cannot be less than the amount paid until 15 March.

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“It is for each person to decide which option to choose. Travel agencies are required to refund the money after December 31, 2021, within 14 days, or earlier if the agency is solvent,” said Ljajic.

He added that more than 120,000 citizens have already accepted the agencies’ offers or that the agencies have reimbursed the money from those holiday arrangements which has not already been forwarded to the tourist facilities.

He urged citizens to consider spending their holidays in Serbia this year, saying that the issuance of 400,000 new holiday vouchers for domestic tourist destinations will begin within 10 days.

“We still have some technical things to do, but I think that the distribution of vouchers will start in about 10 days. We will include more destinations, including Belgrade and Novi Sad, and I expect that this will at least partially compensate for the damage caused to the tourist industry by the lack of foreign tourists,” the Minister concluded.

(Beta, Naslovi.net, 28.04.2020)


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