Ljajic: In 2018, Serbia expects 1.4bln EUR of tourism revenue

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic says that Serbia expects to generate 1.4 billion EUR of tourism revenue (in foreign currency), and a rise in the number of tourists from China and Iran.

In an interview for the Beta news agency, the minister added that 2017 was the most successful year to date in terms of tourist revenue which amounted to 1.2 billion EUR.

Ljajic thinks that reaching the 1.4bln mark is a goal that is easily attainable, considering that Serbia had abolished visas for Chinese citizens, and launched the Bejing-Belgrade via Prague flight.

“I expect to see a significant rise in the tourism revenue, and more tourists from China and Iran. Our goal for 2018 is close to 3.4 million tourists, and for the number of foreign tourists to exceed 1.6 million”, the minister underlined.

He went on to cite the upcoming projects that would further boost tourism including the construction of five ports in Belgrade (four on the Sava River and one on the Danube) which would be very significant for river tourism. “Also, the plan for 2018 is to complete the reconstruction of Ramska Fortress in Veliko Gradiste with the help of the Turkish Development Agency. The project is valued at over a million euros”, the minister said.

The EU has provided funds for the reconstruction of Golubacka Fortress, part of which will be opened to tourists in April.

On the Kopaonik Mountain, a multi-storey car garage with helipad is under construction that will cost a total of 385 million dinars to complete. The Ministry of Tourism has allocated 100 million dinars to this project.

(eKapija, 02.01.2018)





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