Living standard: Serbs spend 450 dinars on average purchase

The average purchase of a Serbian citizen amounts to just over 450 dinars, while in Belgrade, this amount is somewhat higher – 600 dinars. In retail, shoppers spend an average of 60,000 dinars, according to sectoral analysis of the retail market in non-specialized stores predominantly in food, beverages and tobacco.

The analysis, conducted by the Commission for the Protection of Competition, suggests that in three years, the number of retail facilities increased by 19%, and that their surface was increased by one fifth.

“The market is not saturated, it means that there is room for new players”, the report says.

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Out of the total number of retail outlets, 80 percent of the shops are of classical type, i.e. the vendor serves the customers and there is also self-service. Only 1 percent of the total number are hypermarkets or facilities that span over 2,000 square meters. The average size of a retail facility is 200 square metres.

The top ten retail chains account for 65 percent of the total sales area, while all other market participants have less than 1.4 percent of the market share individually.

“The analysis has shown that market participants did not encounter serious obstacles in terms of their arrival to the market, which is expected considering that the company registration procedure is simplified and expedited. The only market barriers that they identified were the low purchasing power and the fact that shopping habits are difficult to change in terms of shopping on a smaller scale and in smaller retail outlets, as well as the lack of space to open new stores”, the analysis states.

(Blic, 29.05.2018)


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