Little Picasso’s “Exhibition of Gratitude to Serbia”

After his first exhibition, which had a humanitarian character, Farhad Nouri, an eleven-year-old boy from Afghanistan, now living in Serbia, will stage an exhibition of his drawings titled “Exhibition of Gratitude to Serbia” in Belgrade.

After escaping the Taliban regime, passing through Greece, Turkey and Albania, and finally reaching Serbia, Farhad Nouri and his family were forced to move from one refugee camp to another, finally settling in the refugee camp in Krnjaca.

The people who worked in the camp noticed that little Farhad was had an exceptional talent for drawing. Under the mentorship of Professor Vesna Isaković, Farhad became a very good painter and photographer.

His first exhibition had a humanitarian character. In gratitude for this humane gesture, the Serbian government decided for Farhad and his family to be granted Serbian citizenship and, in order to thank Serbia and its people, Farhad is now staging “Exhibition of Gratitude to Serbia”.

Farhad now attends school in Serbia, has friends, and likes to play football and draw.

“I love that people call me the Little Picasso,” he adds.

Actress Mina Softic, who supported the organization of the exhibition, says that Farhad has enriched “our country and our people”.

“Art represents something true and beautiful, a universal language, no matter who the people are and where they are coming from,” she said and invited fellow citizens to see this exhibition.

(N1, 29.09.2018)



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