List of SNS bots published – BIRODI wants an anti-bot law to be passed

A list containing over 14,000 alleged bot accounts of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) on social networks has appeared on the Internet, with the names and surnames of the people behind them and their location.

Judging by that list, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed, public sector employees from all parts of Serbia were involved in bot activities. So far, none of the SNS officials has confirmed or denied the information that has reached the public.

14,000 bot accounts from all over Serbia include school teachers, municipal workers, heads of city services, etc.

„There are different categories of these people. They are haters who spoke against the opposition, even against Serbia, in order to provoke others on social networks and are subservient to the SNS,” media and communications expert Igor Avzner said.

Bots all received monthly salaries for spreading hate, provoking the people who think differently and openly hailing the government

Security expert Ivan Markovic, who did a relevant analysis on bot activity, says that bots were most active between 8 am and 5 pm.

After the details of the people behind the bot accounts were published on social networks, some of them admitted to participating and apologized, while others quickly deleted their accounts.

The Social Research Bureau (BIRODI) and Gradjanski Preokret organization launched an initiative for Serbia to get an “antibot law” as a prerequisite for the development of a modern, civil, democratic society in Serbia.

They called on SNS “to dismantle its bot factory”, and the Government of Serbia, public companies, institutions and local governments to carry out internal control of persons who are on the list of SNS bots.

(N1, Vreme, 09.07.2023)

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