List of Serbian cities and towns with worst air pollution

According to the data found on the XEco application, only 1.8 percent of the country’s population has air that is acceptable in terms of the level of permissible values of PM particles.

These particles are taken as an indicator of the degree of air pollution, and they represent a mixture of smoke, soot and acid, created as a result of heating, traffic and industry. Vršac and Kikinda are among the cities that have good air, while almost a quarter of the country does not even know what kind of air they breathe.

For days, Belgrade has been at the very top of the global list in terms of air pollution, and Belgrade mornings are usually very foggy and highly polluted.

There are only four cities in Serbia that have a tolerable quality of air  – Bor, Negotin, Osečina and Bujanovac, while Niš has medium air quality.

Perhaps the biggest problem is found in the fact that 23 percent of the population does not know what the air is like in their towns because there are no measuring stations that can determine the air quality. The residents of Ada, Bačka Palanka, Boljevac, Čajetina, Lajkovac, Sokobanja and many other towns and municipalities throughout the country have the misfortune of not knowing what kind of air they breathe.

Certain places in Vojvodina like Vršac and Kikinda have good air, while the air that people in Bor, Negotin, Osečina and Bujanovac breathe is of acceptable quality.

It comes as a surprise that industrial areas with strong industrial production and mining, such as the towns of Bor and Kostolac, have good air quality, but there is a very simple reason behind this – PM particles are not measured here.

“There are no PM particle metres in Kostolac, therefore this area cannot be taken as an example of good air. The same goes with Šabac, which does not have a PM particle measuring station, which is why it is cited as an example of good air conditions, which cannot be the case”, explains our Dejan Lekić from the National Environmental Organization and creator of the XEco application.

He adds that in addition to Šabac and Kostolac, Valjevo, Kruševac, Leskovac, as well as a number of other places, do not have PM particle measuring stations.

(Nova, 01.11.2022)

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