List of companies entitled to another minimum wage published

The Finance Ministry has published a list of companies that are entitled to another minimum wage who are working in the economic sectors that is most at risk because of the pandemic.

As announced at the end of last week, the minimum wage is expected to be paid within ten days and currently amounts to about 30,000 dinars. This is a new help for 72,500 employees of travel agencies, car rental companies, caterers and hotels. This is non-refundable money.

The government recently announced that 1.98 billion dinars have been set aside for the payment of another minimum wage for employees in catering, hotel, tourist and car rental agencies and that 72,000 workers are entitled to the minimum wage.

Only documented workers, i.e. those who have a job contract, be it temporary or permanent, are entitled to this aid.

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The list of companies that are entitled to another minimum wage can be seen on the Ministry of Finance’s official website.

Restaurateurs and tourist workers have asked the National Bank of Serbia for a new moratorium on payment of due loans, but the central bank has told them to turn to commercial banks with such a request.

The government has also decided that 1.7 million pensioners will receive higher pensions in January, while higher wages are also expected for public sector employees such as health care workers, teachers, army personnel, police, state administration, etc.

In January, 120,000 health workers will receive a 5% salary increase.

(Vesti Online, 10.12.2020)

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