Linglong’s workers from India treated as slaves

A group of Indian workers working for the Linglong Company in Zrenjanin appealed for help because their passports have been confiscated and work permits expired, they live in substandard facilities, without enough food, their salaries are late and they are threatened with deportation.

Tara Rukeci Milivojević from the Zrenjanin Social Forum says that they the workers from India were officially hired by the Belgrade-based China Energy Engineering Group and that they are “treated like slaves”.

“We are racing against time. These workers are waiting to be deported at any moment because their visas have expired and they only received 500 dollars for their work, with a note that this is all they are going to get although the company owes them approximately 2,000 US dollars each,” Rukeci Milivojević told N1.

Two years ago, the media reported about the mistreatment of Vietnamese workers employed at the construction site of the future Linglong rubber factory in Zrenjanin.

Rukeci Milivojević also said that the workers are housed in one of the “less adequate” locations, where they “they don’t have normal conditions like heating, cupboards or refrigerators”. They work 10 hours a day, six days a week, for a monthly salary of about 700 US dollars.

The workers also say that the company did not cover their health insurance and that they have to pay for medical treatments out of their pockets, which is against the relevant laws. Rukeci Milivojević also noted that their job contracts contain numerous violations of the Labour Law. Plus, they were not warned that tap water in Zrenjanin is not suitable for drinking.

(N1, 31.01.2024)

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