Linglong’s request for building an extension rejected by local authorities

On 10 May, the Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport of Vojvodina approved a decision rejecting the application of the investor Linglong International Europe for a permit to build more facilities within the same factory complex in Zrenjanin.

The Secretariat states that the application for the construction of a warehouse for raw materials, a plant for unloading and storage of soot, rubber and sulphur has been rejected, that the decision is final and that no appeal can be lodged against it, although the investor can submit a new application.

The document, which has appeared on social media a few days ago, stated that the relevant inspectorate decided to close certain parts of the construction site in the complex of the Linglong factory in Zrenjanin, i.e. construction sites for warehouses for raw materials and sulphur, facilities for unloading and storing soot, as well as facilities for mixing raw materials.

Linglong is investing almost a billion dollars in a tire production complex in Zrenjanin, that will span 97 hectares and produce tires for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, industrial vehicles, as well as tires for agricultural machinery.

Construction work on the factory began in 2019 and the total production capacity of all on-site production facilities is expected to reach around 13.62 million tires per year.

(Danas, 14.05.2021)


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