Life sentences for murder and rape of children; harsher sentences also for repeat offenders

The Criminal Law professor at the Police University, Ivana Bodrozic, told RTS that the new Criminal Code, came into force yesterday which targets the most repeat offenders, the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, as well as the perpetrators of crimes for which penalties have increased.

The amendments to the Criminal Code, which came into force yesterday, stipulate much more severe sanctions.

One of the most important novelties is the sentence of life in prison for the most brutal crimes, following the petition launched by the Tijana Juric Foundation which was signed by about 160,000 people.

Ivana Bodrozic said that the sentence of life imprisonment will replace the sentence of 40 years in prison in certain cases, as well as in cases of serious murder, rape, threats made to helpless person and child, and threats of abuse when a child is a victim.

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New rules have been introduced to punish repeated offenders too, according to the “three strikes” rule that has existed in the United States for several decades.

“In a metaphorical sense, we applied a baseball rule where a player is thrown out of the game after the third foul. In real life, this rule should result in permanently removing repeat offenders from the streets”, explains Bodrozic.

In the case of the first offence, the court will have to treat the criminal offence, for which a penalty has already been imposed for no more than five years, as a mandatory aggravating circumstance and will not be able to mitigate the penalty. In the event that a person commits an offence for the second or subsequent times, for which one-year imprisonment has been imposed, the court will rule the maximum penalty for that offence, said Bodrozic.

With regard to the new criminal offences stipulated in the amendments, they include preparing a serious murder, attacking lawyers and legal works, etc.

“The amendments to the law have also reduced the possibility of imposing suspended prison sentences, which will lead to more people being imprisoned and new challenges for the state when it comes to prison facilities,” concluded Bodrozic.

(RTS, 01.12.2019)


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