Lidl withdraws certain brand of waflles from its shelves as a precautionary measure

Lidl in Serbia has informed consumers that, as a precautionary measure, it has withdrawn from sale the products of Pak Rampart (from Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The Lidl Company is urging shoppers not to consume them, but rather to return them (there is no need to show the receipt) and they will be reimbursed for the money spent.

The following wafers were withdrawn:

Cocoa-flavoured wafers – a product with 72% cocoa filling, 800g pack,

Hazelnut-flavoured wafers – a product with 72% hazelnut-flavoured filling, 800g pack,

Waffle with cocoa filling – produced with 80% cocoa filling, 200-gram pack,

Waffle with hazelnut-flavoured filling – produced with 80% hazelnut-flavoured filling, 200-gram pack

Waffle with cocoa topping – the product with 57% cocoa filling, coated with 20% cocoa topping, 200-gram pack.

“The products were withdrawn due to the possibility of the presence of Salmonella Typhimurium bacteria, as regular checks in Croatia determined its presence in two production batches,” announced Lidl.

Samples of products from the shelves in Serbia were, as mentioned, sent to local laboratories for thorough testing, and the relevant institutions were also informed.

The retailer and the manufacturer have apologised to all consumers who bought the mentioned products for the inconvenience.

(, 05.10.2022)

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