Lidl Serbia declared “Top Employer in 2024”

The renowned expert in human resources evaluation, the Top Employers Institute, awarded Lidl Serbia the title of the most desirable employer – Top Employer – for the fourth consecutive time.

The Top Employers Institute certifies companies based on an examination of processes and practices in the field of human resources management, which includes six key areas: people-focused strategy, work environment, recruitment, employee development, diversity and inclusion and job satisfaction.

“Lidl Serbia has shown an outstanding practice in human resources management, as well as that it cares very much about the training and well-being of its employees,” said the Institute’s executive director, David Plink.  

Lidl Serbia is known for its competitive working conditions. Employees have two pay rises a year, and as of recently, the number of annual leave days was increased from 22 to 24 days, with a possibility of adding one more day for each three years of employment with Lidl, up to a maximum of 28 days.

Also, Lidl employees are entitled to a range of attractive benefits, including private health insurance under equal conditions for all employees, remote work for employees whose work doesn’t require their physical presence at the company and continuous training both here and abroad. Lidl also implements the Employee Support Programme which entails free consultations regarding psychological, financial and legal assistance.

(Telegraf, 24.01.2024)

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