Lidl has invested EUR 550mln in Serbia in last five years

Exactly five years ago, Lidl has opened its first supermarket in Serbia.

Since entering the market, Lidl has invested more than 550 million euros in Serbia, exported Serbian goods worth more than 30 million euros and employed over 3,300 people.

A multi-client study called Shopper 360, conducted by GfK, has shown that Lidl stores have the best price-quality ratio out of all supermarket chains in Serbia, as well as that it tops the list in terms of overall satisfaction in the categories of fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods and fresh and in the categories such as cleanliness, fair prices, discounts and product presentation.

Domestic suppliers are represented in the Lidl Serbia product range with more than 600 products, some through locally known brands, some through products sold under Lidl brands.

In Serbia, Lidl currently has two logistics centres in Nova Pazova and Lapovo, which supply 67 stores in 38 towns. Globally, Lidl operates in 32 countries and has around 12,200 stores and 220 logistics centres.

(Dnevnik, 11.10.2023)

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