Lidl eliminates plastic bags from its supermarkets

The supermarket chain, Lidl, has announced that from today, it will become the first retail chain to discontinue using plastic shopping bags throughout Serbia.

“Until now, this practice was put in place only in a few cities, but since we are aware of our responsibility towards nature and the impact our business has on it, we decided to do something bigger and extend this good practice to all Lidl supermarkets in Serbia. We want to encourage consumers to come with their own shopping bags to ensure sustainability and environmental protection, but also make a contribution to the family budget”, said Aleksandra Mirić from the Corporate Social Responsibility Department at Lidl.

Instead of plastic shopping bags, Lidl Srbija offers consumers “green” environmental alternatives such as paper bags, durable bags and reusable bags for fruit and vegetables, which Lidl was the first to introduce in Serbia.

(Nova, 02.06.2021)


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