Li Manchang: Bank of China coming to Belgrade soon

The Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang has announced the opening of the Bank of China in Belgrade.

– I have not told this to the prime minister yet  – the ambassador said.

He added that decades of friendship between Serbia and China would be further improved with the abolition of visas and that the final deadline for this to happen was early 2017.

– As the ambassador of China to Serbia, I give Serbia priority. Serbia is the country where China has built its first bridge in Europe, as well as the first country where China is building its first high-speed railway. The first country with which China has established an all-encompassing strategic partnership in Europe is, again, Serbia. This is why, following the visit of our president this June, Chinese delegations are arriving en masse. This has all caused more Chinese to be coming to Serbia and more Serbs visiting China. Naturally, the time has come for us to see how we can facilitate mutual visits for regular people, business people, enterprises and companies – Manchang said.

He expects the official agreement between the two countries to be signed in November with an immediate coming into effect.

– I believe it’s realistic for this to happen early next year – Manchang said.

Serbia is becoming increasingly more attractive to Chinese tourists. In 2011, around 3,500 people from China visited Serbia, and, in the first half of 2016, there were around 10,000 of them. The ambassador says that around 600 visas are issued each month and 7,000 each year. These are mostly tourist and business visas.

(eKapija, 25.10.2016)

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