Leoni to open a new factory in Nis on Saturday

German company, Leoni will open its new production facility in Nis, on Saturday, 29th July with the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic in attendance.

Nobody has officially confirmed as yet that this car cable factory will be inaugurated by the Serbian President, but the local MPs have been talking about it unofficially.

Local MP, Mihajlo Zdravkovic told the Beta newswire that Leoni has finished the construction, and that the company was installing the machines and equipment in the factory.

“The factory hall spans 6,000 square metres and will employ 200 workers to begin with”, Zdravkovic informs and adds that, next year, Leoni plans to employ 800 more workers, while the plans is also to have a total of 2,200 workers by 2019.

“Once everything is finished, Leoni’s factory will span 28,000 square metres”, Zdravkovic added.

The German car cable manufacturer started building its production facility in Nis in February this year, and it was Vucic, who was the prime minister back then, who officiated the beginning of the construction works.

According to unofficial sources, Vucic is also supposed to attend the official beginning of the construction of Zumtobel and IMI’s factories in Nis.

Austria-based Zumtobel produces LED lighting, and will build a factory on the grounds of the former Viticulture Institute, while the IMI Company from the Philippines will construct a factory on Lozni Kalem.

(RTS, 26.07.2017)



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