Leoni to open its fourth factory in Serbia soon

When Leoni, the leading German car cable manufacturers, came to Serbia, it had 750 workers. Today, the company employs 5,770 people in Serbia, and announces opening of its fourth factory here.

The company has production facilities in over 30 countries, and in Serbia, it has three – in Prokuplje, Malosiste and Nis.

As the leading employer in the municipality of Prokuplje, the company has had a crucial role in reducing the unemployment here. “Ever since Leoni came here, the unemployment rate dropped from 43% to 24%”, says Miroslav Paunovic, Deputy President of the municipality of Prokuplje.

The German company has been operating in Serbia since 2009, and the first factory they opened here was the one in Prokuplje. This was also one of their first investments in automotive industry in Serbia.

One of the company’s employees, Tatjana Kalicanin says that she is very satisfied with her job which allows her to develop professionally, and adds that salaries are regular.

– I started working in Leoni eight years ago on the assembly line. Now I’m the head of the shift, which gives me more security and more income for my family – Maja Mitic says.

The leading producer of car cables, primarily for BMW and Jaguar, employs 5,770 workers in Serbia.

– Leoni is growing and developing in Serbia, with the tendency to reach the number of ten thousand employees in the future – says production manager at Leoni Prokuplje, Aleksandra Pesic.

(RTS, 12.08.2017)



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