Leoni temporarily suspends production in Nis

The automotive parts manufacturer Leoni has announced that it will temporarily suspend all production at the plant in Niš from March 20. The reason for this is the delay in the production of the companies in Germany and Austria due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The staff, who will be off work during this period, will be paid in accordance with the stipulations of the Labour Law in Serbia, Leoni said in a note.

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The company also said that the Niš plant is currently the only one of the four that Leoni has in Serbia (Prokuplje, Malošište, Niš and Kraljevo), which will temporarily suspend all production.

It was stated that the employees of the other production units will be informed in a timely manner in case of changes in work plans.

The company management is undertaking special measures to protect the health of employees who are given disinfectants. Also, the hygiene has been improved in all facilities and premises which are now being regularly disinfected.

However, the company says that it doesn’t have enough protective masks because it is “impossible to find them in the shops” and hopes to be able to acquire them in the next few days.

(Naslovi.net, 19.03.2020)


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