Leoni begins building its factory in Kraljevo

German company, Leoni has started preparing for the construction of their factory in Kraljevo after obtaining a building permit from the Department for Urbanism, Construction and Residential / Utility Services three days ago.

“All the necessary conditions for the construction of the factory to begin have been met and the first construction works begin today”, Leoni said.

The first 6,800 square meters of the production area will be built by the end of December, and the first cable prototypes should be produced in early February 2019. All the construction works will be completed in the first quarter of 2019, and the serial production will start in the first half of 2020.

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The fourth facility of the German investor in Serbia, which already has facilities in Prokuplje, Doljevac and Nis, will produce cable sets for a premium global car manufacturer. The plan is for 112 people to be employed at the Kraljevo factory by the end of 2018, whereas the number of employees by the end of 2023 should amount to 5,000.

Leoni’s factory in Kraljevo, let us remind, will be located in Ratarsko Imanje. The facility will take up 44,000 m2, whereas 22,000 m2 is meant for the non-production actitivies, accompanying premises (offices, canteens…). The total value of the investment is EUR 60 million, of which EUR 27 million will be invested in the construction of the factory building, whereas EUR 33 million will be put in the equipment.

The cooperation with suppliers from Serbia will continue for the purposes of the new factory.

“Leoni Serbia cooperates with local suppliers primarily in the domain of services, equipment – office and facility furniture, consumables, execution of construction works, and the same practice will continue for the needs of the new factory in Kraljevo – the company says and adds that, since the founding in Serbia in 2009, cooperation has been established with over 900 local suppliers.

Leoni is one of the leading exporters in Serbia. Last year, the company’s exports amounted to EUR 145 million, whereas exports worth around EUR 152 million are planned for 2018.

(Danas, 06.08.2018)



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