Leoni arriving to Kraljevo

The German automotive company, Leoni is going to build a new factory at Ratarsko Imanje in Kraljevo. This is currently an agricultural property, belonging to the Agricultural School. In order for the Germany company to gain possession of the property, the land needs to be re-purposed and utility infrastructure needs to be developed.

Hence, the Kraljevo Town Assembly held an urgent session on Friday, 16th March, 2018, with only one item on the agenda – Amendment to the General Regulation Plan of Ratarsko Imanje-Grdica, submitted by the Department of Urban Planning and Housing-Municipal Activities. A 13-hectare-land plot was assigned to Leoni which will build a factory spanning 60,000 square meters.

The plot is located next to two well connected traffic routes and a new roundabout will provide the connection to the Ibar Motorway as well.

Leoni has announced that it will employ 4,000 workers in the new factory. The plan is to complete the production facility by late December 2018, and hire the first workers in early 2019. This will be the biggest Leoni’s factory in Serbia.

(RTS, 16.03.2018)




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