Lecic: I don’t think protests should stop, we just need new strategy

Actor and member of the Democratic Party (DS), Branislav Lecic, has said that it is not necessary to end the protests but that the protests need to take on a new form or have a  new strategy.

He told the Danas daily that the protesters, opposition parties and the Alliance for Serbia should decide on the type of protests they are going to have in the future.

“We will decide, in a democratic manner, on what is best for the protests to be preserved, because too much energy has been invested so far and a lot has been done,” said Lecic.

He said that changing the strategy was needed because the holiday season is coming and people can “lose the momentum”.

He said that that was his opinion, and did not know what kind of decisions organizers of the protest had made in terms of the future strategy.

Lecic also said that he “clearly and decisively” supported the protests in any shape or form and that no- one can stop them, adding that the protests would stop once media freedom and fair election conditions were ensured.

 (Naslovi.net, Beta, 12.06.2019)



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