Leading IT company Luxoft will open 300 jobs in Belgrade

The greatest demand for experts to work on software for the auto industry, the banking sector, logistics, healthcare, and so on. 

The good competences of Serbian experts and the quality of delivery are the greatest advantages of the Serbian IT market, and large global companies are competing to offer domestic engineers and developers better conditions. One of the world’s IT leaders, Luxoft, part of the global IT giant DXC Technology, recently opened an office in Serbia. Luxoft offers local experts all the advantages of working in a global corporation, which has been declared the best IT company and the best employer in many countries around the world where it operates. “At the moment, Luxoft has 300 open positions. We currently have 800 employees, we will have permanently open positions for programmers for Serbia, and our plan is to triple the number of employees next year at this time. We expect the greatest response in Belgrade, but since Luxoft works mostly “remotely”, we have no restrictions on hiring candidates from any part of Serbia, because there is a choice of working from home,” says Mihajlo Poštić, director of Luxoft in Serbia. Luxoft operates in 25 countries worldwide, and delivers state-of-the-art software solutions to over 450 clients globally. Working in international teams on projects for the world’s most famous brands, cooperation with the world’s greatest experts and unlimited opportunities for career development – these are just some of the advantages of working at Luxoft. The experts of this company develop the latest software for the world’s most famous car manufacturers, banks and other financial organizations and numerous Fortune 500 companies from other industries.  

The director of the automotive software department, Anton Bardšev, emphasizes that the automotive industry is very demanding and challenging for development, but he firmly believes in the potential of the Serbian IT market: “Software development for the automotive industry is still in its infancy in Serbia, and Luxoft is an excellent opportunity for experts who are interested in it. Faculties in Serbia provide an excellent base for this field, primarily C, C++ and C embedded programming languages, and we provide a unique upgrade of knowledge in practical work.” Bardšev also points out the great advantage of Serbia as a location: “Serbia’s huge advantage is that it is in the middle of Europe, and by coming to this location, Luxoft got physically closer to the big European car manufacturers it cooperates with.” The fact that the hardware itself, i.e. cars for testing, is now more available to us, significantly increases the speed of delivery of solutions.” Aleksej Kosintsev, director of cross-industry solutions in Serbia, also highlights projects in the field of retail, telecommunications and logistics: “We develop platforms that enable companies to monitor and control risks related to the supply chain. Also, our top application security team develops security solutions for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.” Healthcare projects also occupy an important place in the Luxoft portfolio, says Aleksander Žirma, who is in charge of healthcare & life sciences projects: “In the field of dentistry, Luxoft is working on, I can freely say, revolutionary projects that will change the current orthodontic practice.” Our growing team in Belgrade is developing a state-of-the-art orthodontic platform that includes all stages of the process – from scanning the jaw with 3D technology to a 3D print showing the final appearance.” Mihajlo Poštić believes that as a country we still need to work on a higher volume of education of IT experts, so that the capacity can meet the high demand. “For example, only Luxoft can employ literally all software engineers who graduate from Belgrade University,” concludes Poštić. Luxoft invites IT experts from Serbia who want to get better acquainted with the possibilities that this company offers, to come to the Discover Luxoft Day event on August 30. To attend the event, registration via the link is required: https://career.luxoft.com/locations/serbia/discover-day/

Source: https://rs.n1info.com/biznis/vodeca-svetska-it-kompanija-luxoft-otvorila-300-radnih-mesta-u-srbiji/


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