Leader of Go-Change movement will abandon seats in the Belgrade Assembly

The leader of the Go-Change Movement, Savo Manojlovic, said on Thursday that his movement decided to walk out of the Belgrade City Assembly and the Novi Beograd municipal assembly in protest over election fraud.

“We are refusing to take part in a complete violation of the constitution and democracy because of the election fraud,” Manojlovic told a news conference adding that the movement will not quit those two assemblies if “some things change”.

He said Go-Change councilors will allow their mandates to be verified before walking out and will not take any of the money due them from the budget. “Resignations would mean a long process and the seats would go to the authorities,” he said.

He said the voters expect them not to agree to these violations. “Someone came in and altered the ballots,” he said and added that the movement will continue fighting.

“Because of the obvious manipulation of votes and changes to polling station records in Nis and Novi Beograd Municipality, we are demanding that all opposition parties from those cities and in the national parliament, walk out of parliament if the election will of the people continues to be altered in this way,” he said.

The Go-Change leader also announced what he called “huge civil disobedience” starting on Saturday.

(Blic, 06.06.2024)


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