Lazovic: “Vucic is conducting a full-fledged political campaign”

Radomir Lazovic, an activist from the Ne Davimo Beograd movement, said that, despite the general danger caused by the pandemic, the regime in power is conducting a political campaign to gain support and to highlight Aleksandar Vucic as the one who will “save” the country.

“Instead of being all about fighting the contagion, the President of Serbia is conducting a political campaign with all his might. He is on television every day, he administers the government, he does not need the National Parliament, he is a doctor, a police officer, a TV presenter…” said Lazovic, for the new issue of the NIN weekly.

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Lazovic said that the main feature of political life in Serbia remained the same “namely a complete abduction of the state by the SNS party”.

“After the state of emergency, Vucic became the only actor on the political scene, while citizens and the entire opposition were quarantined,” said Lazovic.

He added that the initiative will speak with all the organizations that have declared the election boycott and will analyze the situation after the end of the pandemic.

“The government is seriously descending into the abyss of dictatorship and the question is what our democracy will look like when the pandemic is over,” Lazovic asked.

“All political organizations, civil society organizations, numerous experts, and even indirectly, the authorities themselves agree that the electoral conditions are not fair. The refusal of most opposition parties to take part in false elections, as well as the idea of a boycott, is a significant step towards changing the situation,” he concluded.

(, 09.04.2020)


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