‘Lazarus’ – concert by Veljko Kuzmancevic – on 27th November in Belgrade’s Kolarac

Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Veljko Kuzmancevic will hold a concert in Belgrade’s Kolarac on 27th November, at 8 pm.

“The concert is a symbiosis of the cultural heritage of people, of exaltation, of the phenomenon of the resurrection, of the unstoppable impulse for life. In creative and artistic terms, music must not stop. It always needs to be reborn and to be born in the most difficult moments. Like Lazarus, who goes to the battlefield in the most difficult moments, or like a deceased patient who inexplicably resumes living. That need for birth and creation, that resurrection of life and soul through music and art, is the essence of vital energy and the fact that it continues to exist in eternity. In his music, Veljko Kuzmancevic finds inspiration in the strength and tragedy of Kosovo, in the inevitable challenge of a nation, in the freedom and in the breadth of the fields of Vojvodina,” the concert’s announcement reads.

‘Lazarus’ is also a homage to Veljko Kuzmancevic’s father, a recently deceased artist and painter.

Veljko Kuzmancevic will be accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Djordje Stankovic.

Tickets go on sale on 1st November.

(Blic, 24.10.2019)


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