Lazarević: (Kosovo agreement) is not just a paper, it will affect all our lives

In last night’s political show, “Utisak Nedelje” on Nova S TV, historian and former politician Milan St. Protić said that the European proposal for the solution of the Kosovo issue was unfavourable for Serbia and added that such a detrimental agreement was a result of negotiations which, as he pointed out, were conducted in the wrong way.

He pointed out that history teaches us that in the last 80 years, Kosovo has been becoming more distant from Serbia in a series of small steps.

“The negotiations should have been conducted differently. I try to see Serbia as a whole as hard as possible, but my assessment of the current situation is gloomy. The last census shows the downhill slope we are on, not to mention the state of morality, economy or institutions,” said Protić. He also underlined that, back in 2001, we had a chance to do something and that that chance was missed.

“The negotiations were disastrous and this is the only outcome that was to be expected”, St. Protić noted.

He pointed out that the only glimmer of hope for Serbia and the Serbian people is for the country to become a full-fledged member of the European Union.

“I’m not even sure that it (EU accession) is a guarantee if we accept this plan… The moment Serbia becomes a full-fledged EU member, Kosovo will also become a UN member“, he said.

Lazarevic: It’s not just paper, but something that directly affects our lives

KoSSev editor Tatjana Lazarević assessed that Serbia is the most critical moment regarding the Kosovo issue.

“I don’t know what the content of that plan is and I don’t like to talk about the content that I haven’t seen. It is not normal to speak publicly about something that is part of secret diplomacy, especially while there is a crisis on the ground,” she said about the French-German proposal, adding that the crisis is “heating up”.

“It’s not just a piece of paper for us, it’s something that affects our lives in the most direct and worst way possible,” she said.

Lazarević added that everything that came from the West in 1999, was „focused exclusively on expelling Serbia from Kosovo”.

Lazarević also pointed out that she cannot imagine that Serbia will be granted a full-fledged EU membership the moment it officially gives up on Kosovo and added: “I can’t imagine that Serbia will receive compensation for that.“

She also pointed out that Serbs, as people are generally intemperate in everything.

“We are going from one extreme to the other. I am bothered by those two extreme Serbias, so-called right-wing Serbia or the other extreme, a neoliberal one. I don’t see a ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ Serbia in the middle,” said Lazarević.

Milo Lompar, a professor at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, believes that the French-German proposal is unacceptable for Serbia, “because it practically separates Kosovo in the state sense” and added that “the European proposal is a way for Kosovo to receive international affirmation in a slow but steady way”.

(N1, 13.02.2023)

Photo credits: Ivan Dinić

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