Lawsuits against Aleksandar and Andrej Vucic are just propaganda?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his brother Andrej may soon, at least hypothetically, be taken to court after a criminal complaint has been filed against them by Milos Vucevic, vice president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and mayor of Novi Sad.

The opposition claims that Predrag Koluvija, owner of the Jovanjica Company in Stara Pazova, which is registered for organic food production but was actually growing marijuana, called Vucic’s brother, Andrej, on the phone during his arrest.

Vucic even predicted that a lawsuit will be filed against him and his brother, but say that that is one way to “reveal the truth” about the whole thing.

This is just one of a number of criminal charges that political officials regularly file against each other, but usually, nothing further happens with these lawsuits.

“These kinds of lawsuits are just for showing off purposes,” says lawyer Bozo Prelevic for the BBC.

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Miodrag Majic, a judge at the Court of Appeal, told the BBC that the complaint against the Vucic brothers is “strange”.

“If you file a lawsuit against yourself, it may mean that the highest state bodies do not trust the independence of the judicial institutions,” says Majic. “They say that the truth, in one case or another, will not come out until, at least in this way, they activate and awaken the institutions. It’s worrying,” he adds.

Prelevic adds that this is “a terrible gesture of contempt towards the prosecutor. “They have filed the lawsuit knowing in advance that the charges will be dropped and that the public prosecutor will say that there is no evidence to support the case. These are just instruments of media hypnosis,” Prelevic points out.

The opposition did not stand still at the news about the lawsuit. Miroslav Aleksic from Narodna Stranka (the People’s Party) also announced filing a lawsuit against Vucic and his brother for “disseminating fake news and obstruction of justice”, while Andrej Vucic, in turn, announced lawsuits against Djilas and Aleksic.

According to Article 334 of the Criminal Code, anyone who reports a person who has committed a crime for which he is prosecuted ex officio and knows that that person is not the perpetrator of that crime, should be punished with imprisonment for a period of between three months and three years.

However, Majic points out that there is no information as to what the subject of the lawsuit against the Vucic brothers will be and what evidence will be submitted.

(Danas, 09.12.2019)

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