Lawsuit filed against members of the government anti-COVID unit

The Vice-President of the Party for Freedom and Justice, Marinika Tepic, and lawyer Vladimir Todoric, have filed criminal charges against Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar and four doctors, who are members of the COVID-19 crisis unit, accusing them of creating a dangerous situation and putting the lives and health of Serbian citizens at risk.

After presenting the report, Tepic told journalists that Brnabic, Loncar, Zoran Gojkovic, Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, Branimir Nestorovic and Predrag Kon have been deceiving the public since March, when “they calculated on purpose the date of the onset of the epidemic because of the upcoming elections”.

She called the government crisis unit “the private headquarters of Aleksandar Vučić and his clique, a smokescreen used to carry out a terrible fraud on citizens”.

As Tepic pointed out, there is evidence that members of the crisis unit had manipulated information and deceived the public.

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She explained that this is why she and Todoric decided to “make the situation official” by filing criminal charges on behalf of all the sick and deceased.

Tepic also told journalists that, on the eve of the arrival of Brnabic and Loncar in Novi Pazar, someone removed all obituaries in the city overnight, “in order to present the situation in the city in a misleading way”.

Todoric, on the other hand, pointed out that the crisis unit does not know the laws in Serbia regarding public health and epidemics and that it is “the private body used by the person who formed it (Vucic)”, and that it consists only of Vucic’s followers.

Todoric concluded that Kon himself admitted that Serbia was not ready for the pandemic.

(Danas, 01.07.2020)


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