Law on Gender Equality comes into force

The author of the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Law on Gender Equality, Zorica Mršević, said that the implementation of the provisions of the Law on Gender Equality begins today.

The provision refers to the application of gender-sensitive language in the media, as well as in education and science, where penalties will be prescribed in case of violation of this obligation.

Mršević pointed out that the law stipulates that the media in Serbia are obliged to use gender-sensitive language when reporting, however, as she explains, there are no prescribed penalties for them because the legislators took media freedom into account and decided that the media should not be sanctioned if they don’t use gender-sensitive language.

“The law does prescribe penalties in the amount of up to two million dinars, but they are not related to the language, but for the violation of the Law on Gender Equality itself in the presidential candidacy procedure or in the election process, which has nothing to do with the language itself. Yes, there is the article that foresees the mandatory application of gender-sensitive language in the educational process, science and media, but I don’t think there will be sanctions. The only ones who can be sanctioned are public authorities,” Mršević told Tanjug.

She notes that the allegations that fines or even prison sentences will be prescribed for violating the provision on the use of gender-sensitive language are meaningless and explains that the obligation to use gender-sensitive language with the prescribed penal provisions refers to the use of language in textbooks and teaching materials, as well as in certificates, diplomas, classifications, titles, professions and licenses, as well as in other forms of educational work.

(, 21.05.2024)

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