LATEST NEWS: Post Office ends strike, suspension of workers revoked

Representatives of the Serbian Post Office and the Serbian Government reached an agreement at yesterday.

After the meeting, one of the post office representatives, Vlada Djokic, confirmed that the suspension of certain postal works would be revoked.

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This officially puts an end to the strike of postal workers and the Serbian government will adopt a decree today stating that. The Deputy CEO of the Serbian Post Office, Mira Petrovic came to the meeting with the government together with postal workers.

As for the wage increase, that is yet to be defined, Djokic added. The website reports that the postal workers with the lowest salaries will get the highest increase.

Postal workers had been protesting for nine days, demanding wages that corresponded to the average salary in Serbia. In response to their demands, the Post Office had suspended hundreds of them throughout Serbia.

(N1, 13.12.2019)

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