Latest multiple sclerosis and lung cancer medication to be prescribed on the state’s expense

The new list of innovative drugs, compiled by the National Health Insurance Fund (RFZO) which is expected to be approved by the end of the year, will include modern therapies for patients with multiple sclerosis and lung cancer, announced today the Fund’s director, Sanja Radojevic Skodric.

At the round table discussion called “Together for Solution”, organized by the Serbian Multiple Sclerosis Society, she said that, in the future, more patients with hepatitis C infection will be subjected to modern therapies.

“The budget for next year has significant funds for innovative therapy, which means that we will include innovative drugs on the list throughout the year,” said Radojevic-Skodric, underlining that RFZO would be happy to immediately include all 90 of the latest drugs presented by INOVIA, but added that that was not possible but that the Fund would do its utmost to best use of funds guaranteed by the State.

In addition to modern treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis, Radojevic-Skodric said that there the number of patients treated with the drugs that were already on the list would increase.

About 9,000 people suffer from multiple sclerosis in Serbia and 1,200 patients receive medication which expenses are covered by RFZO. Vesna Savic, the representative of the Serbian Multiple Sclerosis Society, says that the goal of the Society is to constantly increase the number of patients undergoing treatment.

The new list of innovative medicines will be approved before the end of the year. Subsequently, it will take two to three months for the Fund to acquire all these latest medications.

(, 27.11.2019)



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