Large differences in the salaries of male and female PhD holders in Serbia

In Belgrade, men with a university degree, Master’s degree or doctorate earn 47,000 dinars more than their female counterparts; more precisely, in September last year, the average salary of highly educated men was over 151,000 dinars, while that of women with the same level of education was 104,549 dinars.

According to data collated by the State Statistics Office, men, regardless of their education degree, had higher salaries than women.

The difference among the university-educated employees, mainly those with a Master’s degree or a degree from the faculty of medicine or architecture, is smaller as one looks at other parts of the country, other than Belgrade. Namely, in Vojvodina, the difference in salary is about 30,000 dinars, i.e. 109,000 dinars for men compared to 79,000 dinars for women.

In Central, Southern and Eastern Serbia, these differences are twice as small, i.e. the average salary of men in September last year in the mentioned regions of Serbia was about 15,000 dinars higher than that of women. In total, men had an average of 69,048 dinars per month and women 60,744 dinars.

If the level of education decreases, the difference in salary also decreases. Thus, men who are high school graduates had an average salary of 61,312 dinars, while that of women with the same education was 52,855 dinars. In terms of university graduates, the salary difference in the whole of Serbia is 21,217 dinars in favour of men, while in Belgrade, the difference is almost 33,000 dinars.

(Nova, 26.04.2022)

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