Land laws amended to suit foreign investors

“It is absolutely unbelievable how flippant and irresponsible the state authorities are about the fact that it is only 24 days until we have to start implementing the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU in part which pertains to foreigners having unlimited access to Serbian land and its natural resources”, says Milan Stamatovic from Zdrava Srbija (Healthy Serbia).

Stamatovic says that, following the implementation of the said segment of the SAA, Serbian citizens will be reduced to the position of day labourers on their own land while “the agricultural minister is telling fibs about no foreigners being allowed to own land until after 2027”. At the same time, the minister is keen to point to Serbia’s obligations under the SAA and says that if a foreigner had a 10-year-residence in Serbia, he will be able to buy up to 2 hectares of land – Stamatovic points out.

“This is so confusing. Maybe minister Nedimovic is a scapegoat who took upon himself to promote this bad idea that hides a great danger for Serbia, i.e. for foreigners to set up bogus companies with the only intent of buying land from poor Serbia for little money”, Stamatovic says. He also says that the fact that the amendments to the law regulating this issue are going to be urgently forwarded to the Serbian Parliament smells fishy.

President of Healthy Serbia adds that the most important thing is to prevent foreign companies and tycoons (close to the Serbian government) from buying the remainder of the state-owned land. “This is an already ongoing process even though we are still not implementing the SAA. When confronted about this, minister Nedimovic gives very obscure answers, claiming that the Serbian Constitution bans companies, that are not registered in Serbia, from buying land in our country”, Stamatovic adds.

He also suspects that the amendments to the relevant law are so late because they are being drafted to suit various Arabic and German future land owners in Serbia.

(Nova Ekonomija, 07.08.2017)


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