Land assigned to Tönnies to be leased via auction

The German meat producer, Tönnies is under obligation to start investing in Serbia by late 2018 or in early 2019, and until the company starts building farms in Serbia, the land that the state leased to Tönnies for the period of 30 years will be offered for lease to other interested companies – Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovic confirms.

“Everything will be offered for lease until the contract is signed, since we cannot allow ourselves to neglect this land. The first location is assigned to Tönnies for the agri-economic year 2018-2019”, Nedimovic added.

This German company, which arrival has been announced several years back, was given permission by a state commission to lease land in Kikinda and 2,400 hectares in Zrenjanin in August 2017. The company is still waiting for the relevant authorization from the local self-governments of Plandiste, Vrsac and Secanj. However, Tönnies has not yet officially started the lease process, that is, it hasn’t started building the farms as yet.

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When asked whether the problem was that Serbia had not yet stopped vaccinating pigs against the swine flu, which prevent exporting to the EU market, Nedimovic replied with “no”.

He also said that the German company had a plan of spending 20mln EUR per farm and employing 50 people in each of the agreed locations.

“Tönnies has applied for five locations, which amounts to an investment of EUR 100 million and the employment of 250 workers”, Nedimovic said.

This confirms the recent reports by Insajder which, having viewed the relevant documents, reported that Tönnies planned to employ 250 workers in Serbia, and that the total value of the planned investments was 100mln EUR.

(Politika, 19.04.2018)


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