Labour inspectors can inspect a company without prior notice

Dissatisfied with the frequent inspections by labour inspectors certain companies have submitted an initiative to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy via the Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople of Serbia (ZPPS) Association to abolish an inspection practice to close businesses for a certain period of time as this goes against the constitutionally guaranteed right to work.

The Association’s representatives say it is a common practice to close legal companies for 15 days or more, even though the company has not committed a serious violation or evaded paying taxes, but because of certain administrative and technical errors.

As the arrival of inspectors often cannot be predicted, lawyers advise employers to prepare in advance for their visit.

The Labour Inspectorate supervises the implementation of regulations governing the rights, obligations and responsibilities of employees. They are regulated on two levels – by state regulation and documents that are a result of the employer/employee agreement.

“The labour inspector can inspect general and individual acts, records and other documentation, as well as inspect business premises, buildings and the like. Both the employer and the employee are obliged to allow the labour inspector to carry out supervision and inspect the documentation, as well as to provide them with all the information they require in order to conduct inspection”, said the Stojković Law Firm in a statement for

Some of the most frequent violations of these regulations are not concluding a job contract with an employee (undocumented work), unsanitary working conditions, non-payment of wages, termination of job contracts which goes against legal provisions, failure to provide special protection for certain categories of employees, etc.

(, 06.12.2022)

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