Kyungshin Holding and Vicerbo opening factories in Serbia – Mei Ta’s new investment in Obrenovac

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced recently that the Korean company, Kyungshin Holding, will open a factory in Smederevska Palanka soon, employing over 700 people, on top of 204 employees that they already have in Serbia.

Another foreign company, Vicerbo is about to arrive in Valjevo, while the Swiss chocolate maker and cocoa processor, Barry Callebaut is a month away from opening its factory in Novi Sad.  

The Chinese company Mei Ta, which produces car and motorcycle parts in two factories in the Baric industrial zone in Obrenovac, is planning new investments at that location.

“The initial idea of ​​Mei Ta’s management was to build a logistics centre here that would cover the whole of Europe. Later on, the management started to consider expanding the production, i.e. the construction of the third plant, considering the good production results lately. Both of these options are still on the table,” the spokesperson of the Municipality of Obrenovac said.

They pointed out that the company currently employs 3,000 people in Obrenovac and that the first two phases of the investment have shown exceptional results.

The first Mei Ta plant in Obrenovac was opened in 2017, and the second plant only two years later. A total of EUR 150 million has been invested in both factories, out of which the state of Serbia financed 35%

(eKapija, 19.04.2021)



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