Kurti: “I would vote for the unification of Kosovo with Albania”

Kosovar leader Albin Kurti, who won at last week’s parliamentary elections, said he would vote for the unification of Kosovo and Albania in a possible referendum if it could be conducted peacefully and democratically.

A few days after his coalition won the most votes in Kosovo’s elections, Kurti told Euronews that it is necessary to change Kosovo’s constitution before such a referendum.

“We believe in strengthening the state of Kosovo as a sovereign and independent republic and in our constitution, article 1.1 is in contradiction with article 1.3. Article 1.1 says that Kosovo is a sovereign independent country and article 1.3 says that Kosovo cannot join another country. So I believe that full independence implies also, independence from independence, so we could join a federation with Albania or an EU federation. Two referendums in the future could solve this, in Albania and Kosovo, but never by violating our constitution. The constitution would have to be changed first and only if it can be done in a peaceful and democratic manner one day,” Kurti added.

Regarding the continuation of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Kurti said that “it is necessary for Serbia to confront its past.”

“They (Serbia) caused four wars in the former Yugoslavia and it seems that there’s no regret, no penitence, for that within the state about this. It is important to have changes in Serbia regarding how they view Kosovo. I’m ready to engage in a dialogue where people will be the beneficiaries. But I think it is not acceptable to anyone in Kosovo – of course, including me – to engage in a dialogue where we are supposed to compensate the state of Serbia for the loss of this state during times of Milosevic. Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo.  

And it needs to recognise our independence and show some regrets for the crimes committed by the regime. I think that what Serbia needs is a Serbian Charles de Gaulle who will say, just as Charles de Gaulle said ‘France is great without Algeria’, that Serbia is great without Kosovo,” Kurti concluded.

(Politika, 18.02.2021)





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