KRIK: The state gives Millennium Team projects worth 12 million euros

The investigative network KRIK, which investigates corruption and crime, reported that companies owned by businessmen Ivan Bošnjak and Stojan Vujko, including their company Millennium Team, was assigned 17 major projects from the Serbian government last year, worth 12 million euros.

In addition to the often reported Millennium Team which deals with construction and gas system installation, Ivan Bošnjak and Stojan Vujko, are the owners of 15 other companies in the country and region. Recently, the Jaroslav Černi Water Management Institute was sold to the company, a deal that was heavily criticized by environmental experts.

Three of their companies – Millennium Team, Goša Institute and KBV Datakom – were given 17 projects from the state worth at least 1.43 billion dinars, or about 12 million euros, reports KRIK. Millennium Team reportedly was assigned some of them in a consortium with other companies, and others on their own. They were often the only bidders, that is, the only company that had submitted a bid for the execution of state-funded works.

In Croatia, Millennium Team does business via their branch Millennium Adria, while in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, they operate as Millennium Team.

The projects given to the company, worth over 11.5 million euros, included flood prevention works in Niš, cleaning unexploded ordnance, building roads in the pet cemetery in Belgrade, reconstructing forest roads, making a new stage for the Belgrade Drama Theatre (BDP), and, the priciest of the all, constructing a new water and sewage facility Vračar.

KRIK says that the Goša Research and Development Institute, which was acquired by Millennium Team at in the late 2018 for 1 million euros, was also assigned a lot of projects from the Serbian government. Even its privatization, Goša continued to get projects from a number of the biggest public companies in Serbia, including – the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) and the Serbian Railway Infrastructure.

Besides these three companies, Bošnjak and Vujko also owns companies Mostogradnja Ung, MT Gastel, Alea Consulting, Millennium Resorts, MTT Air Services, Industrija Mehanizacije i Traktora (IMT), Millennium Properties, Millennium Property Management and Kop Top Project, all based in Serbia.

(Danas, 27.01.2022)

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