Kragujevac: New industrial zone and 7,000 new jobs

A new industrial zone will be built near Kragujevac (in Sobovica location) where Siemens and several other foreign companies will open production facilities in the next three to four years.

These companies are going to create 7,000 new jobs – it was said at the urgent session of the Kragujevac Assembly. The Sobovica industrial zone will span 663 hectares of land, with 280 hectares to be allocated for the industrial zone, and the rest for the accompanying facilities.

Siemens has recently acquired Kragujevac-based Milanovic Inzenjering, which produces aluminium parts for train cars, which many interpreted as a step towards the German company setting up a large-scale production facility here. It is interesting to note that Siemens also plans to bring its suppliers to Kragujevac, which could imply that the Germans are planning to produce finished products here.

Kragujevac Mayor, Radomir Nikolic says that the said investment project is bigger than Fiat’s, and that opening of the Sobovica industrial zone is the beginning of Kragujevac’s economic renaissance.

The Chinese company CMEC also plans to open a facility in the Sobovica zone, i.e. to build a beef cattle farm and set up a joint company that would export beef to China following Serbia and China signing a beef export agreement in Budapest recently.

(Danas, 12.12.2017)


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