Kragujevac: Brnabic to mediate between FIAT and strikers

The resolution to the problem with Fiat Chrysler Automobili Srbija’s factory in Kragujevac could be on the horizon. Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has offered to personally mediate in the talks between Fiat’s management and strikers. The strike committee welcomes the initiative, and says that they would inform the workers tomorrow of the current situation.

The PM’s cabinet has confirmed that Ana Brnabic did order the two sides to start the negotiations at the top level. This entails having Fiat’s management both from Italy and Serbia and the strike committee participating.

“Due to the exceptional importance that Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac has for the Serbian economy, the town of Kragujevac, the domicile suppliers, the employees and their families, Prime Minister Brnabic has ordered the two sides to start the negotiations at the top level. The strike committee was called to immediately start the negotiations and thus show responsibility towards the employees and the entire Serbia because Fiat is an important part of the Serbian economy”, the Serbian government’s press release says.

The president of the strike committee, Zoran Markovic said that, following the initiative, the trade unions would have an urgent meeting, and then they would assemble the FCA’s workers on Monday to talk to them about the current situation.

“The PM’s proposal is a very positive one, and it is our duty to inform the employees of it. We are going to do what they want us to do”, Markovic explains.

According to the unofficial information, Fiat’s management said that they never negotiated with workers who were on strike. In order words, this means that the negotiations about the workers’ demands could start only when they resume work.

“We could stop the strike temporarily, but again this is something that the trade unions and the workers need to decide on”, Markovic adds.

He also said that that the trade unions did not meet with the Serbian government because they were not able to assume a unified stance, and because the Nezavisnost trade union wanted a person who had nothing to do with Fiat’s workers to join the talks with the government.

The general strike of 2,150 Fiat’s employees has entered its second week now. Although the workers come to the factory’s premises every day, they are refusing to work.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.07.2017)


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