Kovacevic: ‘Serbia’s foreign debt has never been so high, government is giving away borrowed money’

The Da Se Struka Pita Movement has warned that, according to their calculations, Serbia’s foreign debt currently stands at 35 billion euros, which is the highest ever.

The Movement also said the Serbian government continues to “plunge further into behalf by giving away borrowed money to citizens”.

“The government has no right to do so, since it has not repaid the money that it illegally took from pensioners. Have you ever heard in real life that a person gets deeper in debt and gives away money at the same time?” the Movement’s president, Vladimir Kovacevic, said in a statement.

He assessed that the pressure exerted by the Serbian government on the private sector, “following an unrealistic increase in the civil servant salaries by 8%”, is far from good.

“That is why private companies have to increase the salaries of their employees in order not to lose them despite the fact that their business has not grown at all,” he said and added that „the increase in the revenue of private companies and the increase in the budget revenue of the State of Serbia is caused by the inflationary flow and the increase in the prices of all goods, and not by the real economic growth and positive investment trends”.

According to Kovacevic, the government “urgently needs to abandon the populist policy,  because in the long run, it will not be beneficial to anyone”. He adds that the government has to direct all available resources only towards “real work to catch up with unrealistic growth wages”.

Kovacevic also said that giving more support to domestic businesses over foreign ones is the most important concrete measure to successfully overcome the upcoming problems.

(Danas, 09.01.2022)



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