Kovacevic: “If media were free, Vucic would immediately fall”

The vice-president of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), Siniša Kovačević, said that the “monstrous government tower built by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, built on a bubble, would collapse immediately if there were media freedom in the country”.

“The media can only be liberated by rebelling and going to the streets if it cannot be otherwise, and by insisting on the EU’s support for the European information standards to be applied in a country that has the ambition to be a future EU member,” Kovacevic told Zrenjanin TV station, KTV, yesterday.

When asked if he would agree to have a guest appearance on the Serbian public broadcaster, Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS), Kovacevic replied that his sense of disgust towards this state-run TV station is strong. “National frequency is public property, and that is why TV stations ave no right to poison the nation and deceive it with idiotic content while continuously insulting and attacking the opposition, with the president of the state showing up and having appearances when and wherever he wants”, Kovacevic said.

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Kovacevic added that Vucic called the opposition “liars and hooligans” precisely on public TV stations, and these are not words suitable for a President but rather are “the words of a coward who does not trust himself and uses aggression to hide his cowardice “.

“We need space in the media to explain to citizens what our party offers, and hardly anyone offers us that opportunity. We need to explain to citizens to what extent the government is bad and how Vucic has deprived us of basic education, honesty and integrity. We must all have the opportunity to explain the advantages of the political concept that we support. That is why it is necessary to insist on media freedom, “ Kovacevic added.

“You cannot be happy in an unjust society, nor can you fight for justice if you are not combative. If they have the nerve to buy their university diplomas and forge doctorates, then we have to do something too. We live in a system of values ​​that will lead to absolute ruin and Serbia is close to a complete demographic and economic collapse”, concluded Kovacevic.

(N1, 15.10.2020)



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