Kosovo police’s special forces storm north Kosovo, Vucic orders Serbian Army to be on alert

Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) reported early on Tuesday that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered all Serbian Army (VS) units to go to full combat readiness because the Kosovo police special unit ROSU had deployed in the north.

The report said that Serbian police SWAT units were also put on full alert.  The ROSU operation was confirmed later by the Kosovo police which said that several police officers and civilians had been arrested despite armed resistance. A statement added that they were arrested on suspicion of being part of organized crime groups involved in smuggling and other crimes.

The media reported that five people were arrested, including Albanian police officers.

Kosovo media report that this is a “massive action in the north of Mitrovica aimed against smuggling”. However, the Kosovo police forces in North Kosovo still do not have official information about what has been happening – Kossev reports.

The portal added that air-raid sirens have been set off again in Mitrovica with the police deploying added forces on the streets.  

 KFOR confirmed that the police operation was underway across Kosovo under orders from prosecutors in Pristina, adding that the operation was part of the fight against crime. Spokesman Vincenzo Grasso said that KFOR was monitoring the situation and was in contact with the authorities in Pristina and had open communication with the Serbian authorities.

(N1, 28.05.2019)



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