Kosovo Parliament gives no confidence vote to Albin Kurti

The Kosovo Parliament has dismissed the government of Prime Minister Albin Kurti in a no-confidence vote triggering a political crisis.

With 82 votes against it in the 120-seat parliament, the Cabinet did not survive the vote initiated by coalition partner the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), less than two months after the government took power.

It remains unclear how the government will continue its work as the country cannot hold snap elections because of the spread of the respiratory disease.

The government was dismissed after a dispute over whether to declare a state of emergency to combat the coronavirus LDK filed a motion for a no-confidence vote after Kurti sacked LDK member Agim Veliu as interior minister.

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Veliu had supported calls by Kosovo’s president for a state of emergency to be declared to combat the coronavirus. Kurti said such a drastic move was not justified.

“By firing the LDK minister without any consultation, the prime minister broke the governing coalition,” said Arben Gashi, a member of the LDK.

Kosovo has reported 71 coronavirus cases. One person died after contracting the respiratory disease.

However, Kurti claims that the reason for the no-confidence vote is to create the space to sign an agreement on land swap between Kosovo and Serbia, which, according to him is already reached.

AFP reports that the US Ambassador to Kosovo welcomed the vote of no confidence, while France and Germany opposed and called on Pristina’s leaders for “political unity” in the fight against the pandemic.

(Naslovi.net, 25.03.2020)


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