Kosovo gives millions to diplomats to negotiate on its behalf

The official Pristina will do everything in its power to leave the dialogue with Belgrade aside, and initiate negotiations about Kosovo’s status which is why they have hired established diplomats to help them.

As Sputnik News reports, the Kosovo authorities have hired the Finnish diplomat, Martti Ahtisaari, who was an UN envoy on Kosovo, to work for them. Ahtisaari is supposed to put together a team which, allegedly, is supposed to coerce the EU into exerting  pressure on Belgrade that would eventually lead to the signing of an agreement on normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

The former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright is supposed to act as an advisor to Pristina. Albright is known for being one of the outspoken advocates of NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. As Sputnik News reports, the money for Ahtisaari and Albright’s engagement comes from the Kosovo diaspora, and the Kosovar and Albanian tycoons.

 “Pristina currently has problem with the EU which is trying to resolve by involving America in talks with Belgrade. It was actually Ahtisaari that proposed this and he and his team have already started lobbying in Washington to put pressure on Brussels to widen the negotiation agenda”, Sputnik says. Apparently, the talks have taken a completely different direction, contrary to Pristina’s interests.

Political analyst, Dusan Janjic says that Belgrade could be changing the negotiation format and involve Serbian president in the process, particularly when we know that Aleksandar Vucic is about to be sworn in.

„Тhe initial idea was for only state presidents to negotiate, but Tomislav Nikolic decided to let the Serbian government do that on his behalf, or rather the then PM Ivica Dacic. When the dialogue is held at the prime minister level, the political dimension of the negotiation is minimized, and it all becomes technical“, Janjic explains.

(Blic, 07.05.2017)



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